Keno Basics and Strategy

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Basics and Strategy: House Advantage

Keno Basics and StrategyThe payout odds for the game of keno vary greatly from casino to casino, together with the casino house advantage. All casinos display a comprehensive list of the casino's rules and payout odds, which are adhered to at all times by casino staff.

Most casinos have a large house advantage of around 30%, which makes this high odds game particularly profitable for the casino, and less profitable for the actual keno player, always the potential payouts can be extremely large, which are always the main attractions in the casino game of keno.

Basics and Strategy: House Payout Odds

The precise keno payout odds are dependent upon the number of winning numbers that have been chosen by the player. In simple terms, the more winning numbers selected, the more money that is paid out by the casino. Just one winning number returns a small payout of a few dollars, whereas correctly choosing 10 winning numbers can result in a payout out of more than 1 million dollars. Players at keno can also win large jackpots if none of their numbers are selected, when betting with a number of tickets.

Basics and Strategy: Gambling and Winning

There are no hard and fast rules for winning at casino keno, and many of the largest winnings have been paid out to inexperienced gamblers, who were simply 'having a flutter' at the casino, without any particular strategy. The fact that the winning numbers are completely unpredictable is part of the charm of keno, where all players are equal.

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