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Information about Playing the Game

Keno Casino Game InformationKeno is gaining popularity and is played at many casinos throughout the United States of America, where many games may be played each day. Originating from China, casino keno is a lottery-type gambling game, where players select up to 10 numbers on their card, also known as the keno ticket.

Completing the Card / Ticket

When the numbers have been marked on the casino keno ticket, the player hands their ticket to the casino's writer, together with their stake money. In return, the player is handed a computerised receipt, recording their numbers as bet.

For each game of casino keno, 20 numbers are selected at random and are displayed, together with the calculated payouts for the combinations of numbers.

Winning at Casino Keno

Players win at casino keno when they match the winning numbers against the board for the relevant game. This is very much a game of chance, where the random numbers are quite unpredictable.

Stakes, Betting and Bets at Casino Keno

The casino game of keno is played with relatively small stakes, and yet potentially large winnings of many thousands of dollars are possible. When a player wins a large amount of money, there is always great excitement throughout the casino.

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